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Body-Centered Psychotherapy

Do you ever wake up in the morning with your heart and mind racing? Have you noticed that, when you feel anxious, you also feel a shortness of breath and heat in your chest? Do you feel the heaviness in your bones when you’re feeling depressed?


In joyful and confident moments, do you notice how your chest broadens, you sit up taller, and you feel more settled in your own skin?

Our thoughts, emotions, and physical bodies are intricately connected. Our state of mind directly impacts the way we experience being in our bodies, and the way we feel in our body informs the state of our mind. There are some situations in life we simply can’t talk our way through. As a body-centered psychotherapist, I will help you explore how to use the healing power of your physical body to support any dis-ease in your heart and mind.

Our thoughts, emotions, and physical bodies are intricately connected.


Body-centered psychotherapy has been shown as a highly effective treatment for a range of challenges, including: anxiety, depression, addiction, co-dependency, eating disorders, chronic illness, and symptoms of trauma. Additionally, body-centered psychotherapy can also support personal growth and positive change. 


Some body-centered psychotherapists describe the body as a love letter from the unconscious to the conscious mind. In other words, our bodies contain information about our experience that our conscious minds may not be aware of yet. When you slow your mind down and listen to your body, you can gain tremendous clarity about how your past is informing your present experience, and what you need in the present moment to feel supported.

With this understanding, you can also learn to use your body as a tool to help ground and stabilize thoughts and emotions in moments of overwhelm. 

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