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Personal Coaching


Coaching is about acceptance. There are so many messages in life that tell you that something is wrong with you or something about you needs to be fixed. Until you learn to accept and respect yourself, as you are right in this very moment, you won’t escape the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You are, always, standing in the middle of right now. And there is literally no other time in which to begin the process of living the life you hear calling.  The key to that gate is to accept yourself.  Right now.  Then, fail again. Pick yourself back up, and accept yourself all over again.  I’d love to offer you a hand as you learn the deep power of being human, failing, and accepting yourself through it all. 


Should coaching call to you, now or at any time, I believe it will create a forum in which you can begin to see your life as a sacred gift and an amazing opportunity to grow into who you want to be.

If you choose to step onto this path, I would be honored to walk it with you.  


In my coaching practice, I work with individuals to explore new potential in any of the following areas:


  • Anxiety, depression, stress and overwhelm

  • Lack of motivation or focus

  • Life transitions

  • Feeling lost or directionless

  • Changing long-held habits and patterns

  • Emotional, psychological and spiritual growth

  • Desire to increase fulfillment in life

  • Men’s and young men’s issues


But, what is coaching exactly? Different coaches will give you different answers, but, here’s what coaching is all about to me:


Coaching is about learning. It’s a forum in which you learn about yourself, who you want to be, and what is holding you back from embodying your own truth.


The coaching process can be challenging and requires a commitment to yourself and to the betterment of your life. When you are confined to old habits, patterns and ways of being - whether cognitive, emotional, physical or spiritual  - you are limiting yourself to seeing only the possibilities that those patterns and ways of being allow you to see. I firmly believe that there is more possibility in front of you than that which you are currently seeing. Through coaching, we can work together to help you learn how to identify limiting beliefs and then step beyond them, how to unlock your inherent wisdom, and how to build the skills and tools required to create sustainable and lasting change in your life.  


Coaching is about reverence. I start from the belief that you are fully capable, competent and whole, and worthy of love and reverence. I work with you to help you learn how to revere and love all aspects of yourself and your experience, including the darker shadow aspects that you have avoided bringing to awareness. Reverence might sound like a strong word. It is. Yet, it is often exactly the feeling-state you need in your life to begin living the most full, and fulfilling, expression of yourself. There is an indestructible light within us all, and once you learn how to see and feel that, then you begin to know that you are worthy of reverence, no matter where you are in life and no matter what stories you have been telling yourself about your worth.  The indestructible source within each of us is always worthy of reverence. I’d like to help you see that as truth.


Coaching is about curiosity.  By becoming curious about yourself, with honesty and courage, you begin to cast attention into areas of your life and yourself that you have been avoiding, or that were simply invisible to you because your patterns and ways of being didn’t allow space for those aspects to come to light.  Curiosity jars things loose, and opens up avenues for exploration.


Once there is space to explore, there is space to learn. And learning is the catalyst for change.

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