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Business Partner Coaching

If you are facing challenges as partners, it's important to remember that you entered into this partnership because you believed that, together as a team, you could create something bigger and greater than you could on your own.


So you know that your partner has strengths, skills and values that match well with your own. But something has happened that’s standing in your way, not allowing you to harness your complementary skills as a team, stifling the flow of energy between the two of you, and shutting down communication at times when you need it most.

With the right coaching, you can begin to root out any blockages in communication and any ways you are stuck in unproductive patterns with each other.  Once those are identified, then we can work together to cultivate a more fluid, communicative and complementary partnership that will give your business the chance to thrive that it deserves.


Running a business is hard.  Don’t make it harder on yourself.  With a bit of help, you can find a sustainable flow in your partnership, and get back to doing the job you came together to do:


Pouring your hearts into your shared passion.

Running a business is hard.  Don’t make it harder on yourself.


In my offering to business partners, I combine my years practicing law and counseling dozens of start ups and partnerships with my passion for coaching.


My goal in working with business partners is to help them not just find common ground, but also create the necessary conditions for partners to grow and thrive together, leading to a more fulfilling day to day life relationship as partners. Whether you are just getting started as partners and want to lay the foundation for solid communication and a shared understanding of goals and values, or whether you are already deep into the rigors of running an operating business, coaching can be invaluable in strengthening or repairing the partnership relationship.

As a team, you can create something bigger and greater than you can on your own.

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