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corporate emotional wellness Coaching

Emotional Wellness Coaching (EWC) for companies and organizations helps your team learn the skills they need to achieve professional goals and find greater fulfillment both at work and at home.

EWC is a focused process in which your team learns, in individual coaching sessions, how to cultivate psychological and emotional resilience and flexibility in the face of the daily demands and stressors of professional life. 



EWC Benefits:

  • Strengthen the ability to find a calm, centered state of being while under stress

  • Interrupt negative or self-defeating patterns of thought and behavior and restructure them into positive patterns

  • Learn to set healthy boundaries in relationships

  • Increase self-compassion and empathy for others

  • Develop direct communication and active listening skills to break communication blocks with co-workers

  • Work through interpersonal conflicts in a healthy manner

  • Develop values-based goals

  • Be held accountable for meeting goals

  • Develop mindfulness practices for self-growth

  • Work through barriers to feeling fulfilled at work


Reach out to us to learn about our customized programs suited to meet every organization's needs. Begin the process of investing in your people today.

Lay the foundation for an organizational culture that truly prioritizes the wellbeing of its most important asset: its people

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